PUPPY ZONE - Best Variety, Best Environment, All From Loving Homes

At The Puppy Zone all of our babies come from loving homes and we help find their perfect, forever homes. If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, this is the BEST place to start! 

Store Hours
Closed on Tuesday
Noon 'til  8pm  Monday through Saturday 
Sundays Noon 'til 6pm

Prices start around $295 and go up form there. With registry, Vaccinations are up to date,
and a health warranty. We only quote prices in person, and we do not ship puppies.
All families must come in to the location to
meet, receive all information, and proper instructions for our puppies. :)

Do research on the breeds of puppies that your interested in, also consider your schedules and life style (changes) 
before purchasing pets.

Come in to play with our sweet babies ♥

Puppy Zone does not support puppy mills.
Our puppies come from loving family homes.

Puppy Zone
8235 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 3791